Abstract  42
Csuzdi, Cs. and Pavlíček, T. 2002: Murchieona minuscula (Rosa, 1906), a new recorded earthworm from Israel, and distribution of genera Dendrobaena and Bimastos in Israel (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae). Zool. Middle East 25: 105-114.

The distribution of Murchieona minuscula, Bimastos syriacus, B. jordanis, Dendrobaena byblica, D. kervillei, D. morientalis, D. semitica, D. veneta, and D. negevis in Israel is described and discussed in relation with the annual precipitation. The occurrence in Israel of Murchieona minuscula, previously known only from the Balkans and the Italian peninsula, is reported. To avoid a possible confusion between M. minuscula and M. muldali (Omodeo, 1956), their taxonomic relationship is discussed as well as their distribution. Taxonomic problems are also discussed in Dendrobaena veneta kervillei (Michaelsen, 1910), which is upgraded to D. kervillei (Michaelsen, 1910).