Abstract  59
Csuzdi Cs. and Pavlíček, T., 2005: Earthworms from Israel. II. Remarks on the genus Perelia Easton, 1983 with description of a new genus and two new species. Acta zool. hung. 51(2): 75-96.

The diagnosis of the genus Perelia EASTON, 1983 is revised and two species, Perelia shamsi sp. n. and Perelia galileana sp. n. are described from Israel. The taxonomic status of Helodrilus (Allolobophora) aharonii STEPHENSON, 1922 is clarified. To accommodate the species Allolobophora handlirschi diplotetratheca PEREL, 1967 removed from Perelia a new genus Rhiphaeodrilus gen. n. is erected. In addition, new data about species richness and dis­tribution of the genera Aporrectodea ORLEY, 1885, Allolobophora ElSEN, 1874, Helodrilus HOFFMEISTER, 1845, Eisenia MALM, 1877, Eiseniella MlCHAELSEN, 1900 and Criodrilus HOFFMEISTER, 1845 in Israel are presented.